Sell Your Shoes

We will buy your unwanted climbing shoes!

We are on a mission to keep as many climbing shoes going as possible.
If you have worn shoes that can still be resoled but you don’t want them, we will buy them from you, clean, fix and resole them for resale in our store.

3 Easy Steps!


Book in Shoes

Book your used shoes using the form below and be sure to check that your shoes meet the criteria before sending!
If you are unsure, then send us a photo on Facebook.

Drop Off

Tie your shoes together with the laces/velcro and drop them into one of our drop boxes or mail them to us.
Include your name, number, email and address!

Get Paid

We will arrange payment once we’ve seen and approved your shoes. If your shoes cannot be resoled, we can either recycle them for you or send them back at the owner’s expense.

What can you earn?

Shoes worth 1000-1500kr when new


Shoes worth 1500kr+ when new



All shoes must meet these criteria or we will be unable to buy them.


* In repairable condition (refer to our guide for help) *

* No fungus/mould, cracked rubber, damaged leather, broken laces/velcro *

* No older than 3 years *

* Worth at least 1000kr new (check prices on Google!) *


Let's get started...