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Get 10% discount on 5+ pairs!

If required, return shipping is 79kr for 1 pair of shoes, and a little more for bigger orders.

A Guide to Climbing Shoe Resoling


There is a fine line between shoes which can be resoled, and shoes which can’t. Choosing to resole your shoes sooner rather than later can save you money and time.

Find out how climbing shoe resoling works, which repair type your shoes may need and which rubber will suit your climbing style best!

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How to send your shoes


You can send your shoes to us by mail or save money by using one of our handy drop boxes. Bulk orders of 5+ pairs can be sent before payment and receive a 10% discount!

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How it Works

1. Identify Repair Type

The first step is to determine whether your shoe needs just a Half-Sole repair or Half-Sole + Toecap repair. It can be a fine line between the two!

Check out our Resoling Guide

2. Pick a Delivery Type

You can give us your climbing shoes using our Lofoten Drop Box system, or choose Mail-In and post them to us following the instructions provided.

Find out How to Send Your Shoes

3. Book a Resole

Book your resole using the form below and we will get resoling as soon as we receive your shoes and payment. Get in touch if you have any questions!

Our current Turnaround Time is 2 weeks*

4. Collect Your Shoes

You’ll receive a notification by email once we’ve completed your resole. We will then return them to you by mail or via your chosen drop box.

Happy Climbing!

*Turnaround Time is an estimate for how long it will take us to resole your shoes once we receive them. It does not take shipping times into account.

Book a Resole


Book Resole

Book your resole below. If you need help with what repair your shoes need, check out our guide or send us a photo on Facebook.

Send Shoes

Drop your shoes into one of our dropboxes or mail them to our workshop. Remember to include your name and order number! Check our guide for more information.

Collect Shoes

You will receive an email when your shoes have been finished and dropped off/mailed back to you depending on your choice of pickup.

Start your order

We are currently testing a new ordering system and it has some bugs.
If you experience issues please send us a message using the chat box in the bottom-right of the screen!

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Climbing Shoe Rubber


The type of rubber on the sole of your rock shoe is absolutely critical to performance. That is why we only resole with the best climbing shoe rubber money can buy. When you get your shoes back from us, they will perform like new with the added benefit of already being formed to your foot.

We use a range of different rubbers from Vibram, Davos, Evolv and Unparallel, click below to find out more.

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Our Environmental Pledge


We care about nature and the environment. Human behaviour is having a drastically negative effect on the planet. Through making responsible behaviour changes, we can all reduce the amount of waste we produce. 20,000 pairs of climbing shoes are thrown out each year in Norway alone – resoling helps to tackle this issue.

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When to Resole


Timing is everything – choosing the right moment to resole can be the difference between a half sole, a rand repair or a shoe which is too worn out to be resoled. Find out when you should resole your shoes, and which type of resole you need to choose.

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Drop Box Locations

If you live in Lofoten or you are visiting, you can get a resole by using one of our handy drop boxes.
Shoes are collected and delivered at these locations on a weekly basis.
Simply visit your nearest location and follow the instructions on the drop box.


Oslo Sentrum: Sportsnett

Olav Vs gate 6, 0161 Oslo Visit Website

Kabelvåg: Lofoten Tindeklubb

Rækøyveien 40, 8310 Kabelvåg, Norway

Visit Website

Arctic Soles Workshop

Ørsvågveien 40, 8310 Kabelvåg

Our drop box is open 24/7!

Who We Are


We are Norway’s only dedicated climbing shoe resoling service.

Norwegian granite is as good as it gets, but unfortunately amazing rock rapidly destroys rubber. That’s why we created Arctic Soles – to keep perfectly good rock shoes from an early grave, eliminating unnecessary waste and the agony of breaking in a new pair of shoes.

Established in 2020, we are equipped to service all of Norway through both mail-in orders and our local drop box system. We will resole your climbing shoes with the best rubber on the market ensuring your shoes perform to their very best, and we use custom-made lasts to preserve your shoe’s the shape and style so they still fit you like a glove – and all for much less than the cost of a new pair – that’s it’s a solid win-win in our book.

Our workshop is in the heart of Lofoten surrounded by some of Norway’s best rock climbing. Feel free to drop in and say hi if you’re in the area. You can also contact us anytime and we’ll be happy to answer your questions or give you some local climbing beta.


Happy Climbing!


Joe & Ben

Save 10%

When you order 5 or more resoles!