Climbing Shoe Rubber

Climbing shoe rubber is the single most important part of the shoe.

The rubber we use to resole your climbing shoes is either the exact same, or better, than original rubber your shoes came with.
You can also choose to upgrade the rubber on your shoe to a more sticky or edge-loving option.

Outlined below are the climbing rubbers we offer and the benefits of each one:

Vibram XS Edge

Best for Long, Hard Routes

Great for edging and super durable, Vibram XS Edge is the ultimate rubber for climbing long trad routes with small footholds.

Vibram XS Grip 2

Best for Technical Climbing

XS Grip 2 is the stickiest rubber from Vibram. The standard for techy climbing, this rubber is ideal for bouldering and short complex crag routes.

Vibram XS Grip

Best Grip vs Edging Compromise

Though it’s been replaced by Grip 2, it is still the rubber of choice for Ocun and Tenaya. A great rubber with excellent grip and edging capabilities.

Davos Stick Zero

Excellent all-rounder

Davos make some of the best climbing rubber available. Stick Zero is best of the bunch offering exceptional all-round performance.

Unparallel RH

Super Sticky!

Unparallel RH is an insanely sticky, sensitive rubber perfectly matched for challenging, delicate moves on technical boulders problems.


Perfect match for your Evolv Shoes

TRAX-SAS is an excellent all-round option made by the rubber boffins over at Evolv.

La Sportiva Full Soles

Original spare parts!

We stock original spare parts for almost every La Sportiva climbing shoe.

In the case of La Sportiva Full Soles, that run from the toe to the heel, the following models (and all their variants) are supported:

TC Pro