Our Eco Pledge

20,000 pairs of climbing shoes are thrown away each year in Norway alone.

There are 23500 climbers in Norway registered with the NKF and 190 registered clubs and climbing gyms. From these numbers we have estimated that approximately 20,000 pairs of climbing shoes are thrown away each year in Norway alone.

This significantly increases the waste footprint of our sport. Non-recyclable waste production is a problem caused by humanity at large which has now escalated to the point of being an environmental crisis. It is no longer possible to ignore the threat our waste poses to the health of our planet and all forms of life, including ourselves.

By resoling your climbing shoes, you are significantly reducing your impact and the impact which climbing has as a whole.

Our mission is to provide you with an affordable and reliable alternative to buying new climbing shoes whenever your old ones wear out. If properly cared for, your climbing shoes can be resoled many times over and take you on many adventures to come.

We source our materials from Vibram, a footwear manufacturer which follows strict ethical and environmental guidelines. You can read more about Vibrams sustainability ethos here.

All Arctic Soles repairs are performed in our workshop in Lofoten. The process is mainly performed by hand and requires a small amount of electrical consumption in order to grind and finish the shoe. The rubber waste created from removing your old sole is collected separately, and taken to our local waste management centre for professional recycling.
All shoes are either delivered and collected through our local drop box system, or delivered nationally through existing mail routes. This is the most efficient transport option available in Norway at present.

We care about the environment and believe in honesty and transparency. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.